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My Good Old Days Living In The Suburb of Wantirna, Victoria Australia

Life In Wantirna have been in ups and downs since early last year 2016 but make no mistake, people around this suburb have remained in good-spirits, always as friendly as most of the other Melbourne suburbs . There is a lot to learn about the suburb of Wantirna, Victoria Australia.

I recall one of my first jobs as a nursing assistant at Knox Private Hospital with my beeper attached to my belt so nurses can call me which ward I am needed. I sure do missed those days. My shopping days with my wife at Westfield Knox Shopping Centre are surely not over yet. I take my wife for a cuppa 3 times a week at least and enjoy sitting in one of the cafes in that mall.

There was once at instance where we had a glimpse of the video shooting for one of the episodes of the TV program “Neighbours.” Yep, they sure did shoot that video at Westfield Shopping Centre. By the way, Wantirna’s local government area is the City of Knox, in case you’re wondering why the Know private hospital have been mentioned in here.

Back in the year 2006, the suburb of Wantirna had a population of close to 14,000.Those count reflect that of what was recorded by Census then. We’re well into 2017 now , so I am guessing that number would have doubled by then or maybe not. I haven’t come across the latest census count as of yet so I could be wrong.

We’ve moved from Wantirna to Ringwood but we sure do still drop by and see our mates from Wantirna. Sometimes we take the EastLink tollway which runs through Wantirna with interchanges at Boronia Road and Burwood Highway. Longer drive of course, but hey , we enjoy it and still do up to this day.

It is likely to be a longer drive when we’re coming from Melbourne Centra Business District , commonly known as Melbourne CBD. I am calculating this would be around 24-25 KMs drive.

Historically, Wantirna was first established or rather settled in the 1840, when a lady named Madeline Scott cemented a cattle run on the outskirts of one of the creeks in Dandenong. She named this The Bushy park. Wantirna was then a fast growing suburb in 1912 that the local council felt the need for a school to serve the suburb, locally. It was through the goodness of the heart of the Finger family that 2 acres of land wa donated, situated towards the south of Mountain Highway. During those times, this area was called the Wantirna-Sassafrass Rd. So then a schoold house made of a strong timber have been built.

There was also a Methodist Church opposite the school of which the prime movers toward the building of this structure were the Finger and Fankhauser families This event took place in 1914. ten years later, in 1924 , a parish hall was erected in Burwood Highway. The first Post office of the suburb of Wantirna was build in 1913, closed then re-opened again in the year 1982.

So you see, Wantirna is quite an interesting suburb with so much to offer , not  just historically but also to those who want to experience a warm community or aussies and specular sceneries just around  the suburbs.