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Fairy Floss Machine Hire In Melbourne

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Fairy Floss Machine Hire, Popcorn & Hot Dog Machine

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Preparing for your kids party event can at times be a demanding task, but organising fun treats and desserts can be quite simple. Whilst it is a good idea to have some healthy options during the party, its also a given that there will be some delicious snacks for dessert, a popular one being a fairy floss or also known as cotton candy.

Indeed,a fairy floss has been one of the most common favourites at a kids party in Melbourne. An alternative to that is a fairy bread. This is made by getting white bread and cutting the crusts off. Butter is spread across the bread and hundreds and thousands are sprinkled onto the fairy bread and are held by the butter. You can get the kids involved and get them to help make it, then they can eat their tasty fairy creations. of course , there is always the option to hire a fairy floss machine in Melbourne

Melbourne Smarty Party Hire includes some extras so you can basically make about 100 fairy floss aka cotton candy via our fairy floss machine hire offer.

Also, chocolate is something that is enjoyed by almost every child. A fun way to enjoy chocolate could be with a chocolate fountain, easier to make with a machine. A melbourne chocolate fountain machine sucks up melted chocolate and makes it flow from the top like a waterfall. The kids can dip in a range of things like fruit, marshmallows or wafers, allowing them to again interact with the dessert and create a fun party vibe.

Fairy floss is a hit with kids in Melbourne and you could look at getting one, fairy floss machine, for your party. You can hire a fairy floss machine very cheaply. The Smarty Party folks from Melbourne, hire out these fairy machines that  are very easy to use. In fact, we have included herewith a video to show you how easy it is to operate one. All you have to do is add sugar and the machine will make a sugar string that you can collect by rotating a stick around the bowl. This is easy for the kids to do, and they can easily create their own fairy floss sticks. We can provide you as many as you like. Cost a bit extra of course but nothing expensive in Melbourne, like the earth and sky 🙂

Fairy Floss Machine Hire Melbourne

Fairy Floss Machine Hire In Melbourne By Smarty Party Hire

If your having a movie themed party for the kids then hiring a popcorn machine is a fun treat. You can heat up popcorn kernels in a hot pan with some oil and after a few minutes the popcorn will come to life. You could hire a popcorn machine if you don’t want to do the work yourself. A popcorn machine will make the popcorn for you, you simply just add oil and the kernels and it will make fresh popcorn all night.

Cup cake decorating in Melbourne, is also a fun way to keep the kids entertained and for them to have a delightful treat at the end of it. Simply bake some plain cup cakes, and then let the kids decorate them. Have some pre made icing and some things they can add to their cupcakes like little lollies or sprinkles or chocolate.

Overall, there are many fun and yummy dessert treats for children. A chocolate fountain hire, fairy floss, a popcorn machine and fairy bread are just a few ideas that the kids will love, and many of them they can help you create which can add to the fun of the party.And yes, we hire out all of the above. We try to always stretch ourselves and go the extra mile to help your event be an enjoyable one. We can even travel and deliver your outside of Melbourne 🙂


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Pop Corn Machine
Day or Overnight Hire $140Includes
Butter Salt
and Bags
Enough to make 100 medium size bags
**** Pick up special $100 ****
Friday / Saturday     return

Sunday / Monday

ExtrasPopcorn kernels
Enough to make
100 medium bags    $40

Easy to use with Two switch’s off / on and heat off / on
no adjusting heat controls like other fairy floss or candy floss machines on the market..
Fairy Floss Machine or
Candy Floss Machine
Day or Overnight  Hire $140Includes
Enough to make 100 medium serves

**** Pick up special $100 ***
Friday / Saturday     return
Sunday / Monday

Enough to make 100 medium serves  $40

Fairy Floss or Popcorn carts
To hold your popcorn or Fairy floss machine on
These look fantastic in any any hire event.
Available $50 each  24 hrs Hire

Hot Dog & Bun Warmer     24 Hr Hire $65

Tank divider to separate heating and cooked product
  • Energy regulator controls
  • 3 Teflon coated heated aluminum spikes for non-stick bun warming
W350 x D320 x H290mm